$50 Variety Cigar Pack


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Can’t decided what you want? Let us help you!

Our staff will hand select a sampler of cigars based off of four different categories


Mild to medium, easy going, and elegant.  Perfect pairings with a good cup of coffee, a slow morning, or just before a good meal.  These cigars are for those who just want to relax and let the cigar slow them down.


Medium to medium-full, complex, and ever changing.  These cigars are for people who want to be surprised by nuance and flavor profiles that are sometimes unexpected. Never too much, but never too little…


Medium-full to full bodied.  Cigars that make you take notice and don’t let go.  Sometimes bold in flavor, sometimes bold in power, sometimes both.  Ideal after a hearty meal or paired with a stout drink.

Owner’s Choice

A mixture of all the categories above based on the staff’s favorites at the moment.

Cigars in picture are not what you will receive.