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Battleground Cigars | Mysterioso | Dream (6X56 | Toro)

W: Connecticut Broadleaf
B: Honduran
F: Honduran, Louisiana

The use of tobacco reserved normally for pipe blends is nothing new, but Battleground has succeeded in using this sweet, concentrated tobacco to create a truly unique cigar. Connecticut Broadleaf is already a flavorful wrapper, but the presence of Perique give this cigar a profile that is going to have you scratching your head for exactly what your palate is telling you are tasting. Slow smoking and thick, Mysterioso is a going to stand out.


Gunslinger Cigars | Shrunken Heads | Petite Gordo (4.5×60)

W: Connecticut Shade Grown
B: Nicaragua
F: Nicaragua

We have proudly carried Shrunken Heads for a few years now, and it is an enigma. Everyone agrees that it is smooth, smokes great, and is complex. That is were the tasting notes stop being as easy to nail down. For some, it is woodsy with a big, bright citrus flavors. For others, coffee and leather. The only thing that everyone will concede is that Shrunken Heads is a wild cigar that pairs with just about anything. As a plus, this petite gordo size is perfect for a shorter cigar that doesn’t suffer from it’s smaller format


RoMa Craft | Cromagnon Aquitaine | Mode 5 (5×50 | Short Perfecto)

W: Ecuadorian Habano Ligero
B: Cameroon
F: Nicaragua from Esteli, Condega, Pueblo Nuevo

True to its name, Aquitaine is craft at it’s best. Pulling unique tobaccos from 3 different countries, and fillers from 3 regions of Nicaragua alone, Aquitaine is hard to pin down. Earthy and woodsy, with a solid pepper and thick smoke output, Aquitaine is satisfying and challenging all at the same time. The Mode 5 vitola adds a new layer of complexity as the ring gauge narrows, expands, and then narrows again so you will get every bit of flavor out of every aspect of the blend.


Dissident | Rant (4.5×46 | Petite Corona)

W: Pennsylvania Broadleaf
B: Ecuadorian
F: Dominican, Nicaraguan Medio Tiempo

Small cigar, but the Rant is flavor bomb from beginning to end. Using the killer combination of PA Broadleaf and Medio Tiempo, Rant never quits. The smaller vitola concentrates everything down so the cigar never has a dull moment. Dissident already had a killer line up, but Rant is an evolution.


Cavalier Geneve | White Lancero (7×38 | Lancero)

W: Habano
B: Connecticut
F: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Paraguay

First of all…Paraguay? Have YOU ever smoked tobacco from Paraguay? Maybe that unique filler is what gives the White series such a distinct flavor. Maybe that’s why it builds in flavor from light to medium to Medium+ so well. Maybe that’s why a lot of people call it a Davidoff killer. Maybe that’s why this lancero was named one of the best cigars of 2019. Maybe…you just might have to find out for yourself.