Classic Hot Chocolate Sampler


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Classic Hot Chocolate Paired with three premium cigars.

A straight-up classic, made in the best way we know how. Crafted with a blend of Dominican dark chocolate, Peruvian cacao powder, coconut milk, and cane sugar. Creamy, cozy, and exactly what you’ll want after coming in from the cold. Every sip feels like a snow day.

Directions: Mix 3 Tablespoons of hot chocolate powder into 1 cup of hot water, dairy milk, or plant-based milk. Whisk until smooth and enjoy!

Each pouch is 8oz and contains 9 servings. 


Pick your favorite size:

  • Small | OSOK San Andraes Lancero, Oscar Valladares Super Fly Coron, Warped Companion
  • Medium |  Caldwell Long Live the King Mad MOFO Belicoso, Patina Maduro Rustic, Cavalier Geneve USA Exclusive Robusto
  • Large | Emilio Cavatina Toro, Dapper El Boracho Broadleaf Belicoso, La Barba Red Corona Gorda