Cornell & Diehl / Warped Until the End


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Kyle Gellis and Jeremy Reeves have teamed up yet again to create another mind blowing pipe tobacco.

Until The End is a blend’s moniker is taken from one of Kyle’s high-end wines, with a matching logo inspired by the loyalty of the Cane Corso dog breed that accompanied Roman legionnaires. Until the End pipe tobacco is fragrant, comforting, mellow, and rich — a broken flake boasting a combination of top-grade Sun Grown Ecuadorian cigar leaf, Virginias, the same cigar leaf Cavendish used in Kings Stride, and a specially selected Dark Fired Kentucky grade that’s a tad less smoky than normal varieties. Also like the wine blend that shares its name, Until the End delivers deep, robust, and earthy flavors, sure to be a loyal companion from the charring light onward.

Components: Black Cavendish, Cigar, Dark Fired Kentucky, Virginia

Family: Virginia

Cut: Broken Flake