Dapper Cigars Union Break


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Story behind the cigar told from Dapper Cigars:

One day while sitting with my friend Chris, a local cigar shop owner here in Fresno, our conversation turned to his telling me how members of a local union would stop in during the mid-afternoon each workday. They’d all grab some small, sweet-tipped cigars, and enjoy a brief smoke out on the patio. I spoke about it with one of the workers, who let me know that this was the highlight of their day. We shared some laughs about it and he declared it their mandated “Union Break”. But I saw an issue. Really, I saw an opportunity. They deserved a more serious smoke with which to step momentarily away from the grind. So we created these small, premium handmade 4 x 38 long-filler cigars.

Each cigar is composed of the same premium tobacco leaf used in all Dapper Cigars. Union Break is a 4 X 38 cigar and comes Connecticut Shade, Connecticut Broadleaf, and Shade/Broadleaf Barberpole cigars. Each blend is ever so slightly sweetened at the tip to create a truly easy and enjoyable timeout from the rat race.

This cigar is sold as singles

These cigars come in one vitola: 4 X 38