Factory Focus Sampler: Tabacerla LA iSLA


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The Factory Focus Sampler series highlights the hard work and foundational part that cigar factories play in the creation of your favorite cigars.  Often overlooked, the factory where a cigar is made can have a huge impact on the end result.  Often, factories specialize in certain types of tobaccos, vitolas, or even specific methods of construction, giving each PLACE where a cigar is made as big of a story as the blending and branding.  We hope that through this series of samplers, you will grow a greater appreciation for the incredibly specialized part that cigar factories play in this industry. 

Tabacerla LA iSLA

Launched in 2020 by Hostos Fernández Quesada in the Dominican Republic Free Zone, LA iSLA very quickly established itself as a creative force in the small batch community.  They have worked with dozens of companies in the short time they have been open and are known for sourcing unusual and newer tobacco varietals.  Their signature is creating Dominican heavy blends with unique and more distinct flavor profiles not usually associated with Dominican tobacco.

“Having spent most of my life working in premium cigar factories and in the premium cigar industry at large, I am excited to pursue my dream of opening my own premium cigar factory. I feel fortunate and grateful to have been able to learn so much from so many iconic leaders of the premium cigar industry whom I love and respect. I intend to continue to make them proud, one premium cigar at a time.”- Hostos Fernández Quesada

This sampler highlights some of our favorite releases to come out of Tabacerla LA iSLA:

  • Cabal Initiative Petite Robusto
  • Casa 1910 Soladera Sampetrina
  • Matilde Limited Exposure No.1 Lonsdale
  • Warped Chinchalle
  • Viaje WLP Mofongo