Crowned Heads La Vereda


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In 2023, Crowned Heads released their first ultra-premium regular production line, dubbed La Vaereda

“We live in a world where instantaneous gratification has become our everyday reality. Nearly anything we desire, within reason, is simply a click away from landing on our doorstep that same day. The saying, “Patience is a virtue,” has been rendered nearly obsolete when our society has created a culture where *patience’ is seldom required. Tobacco, on the other hand, bucks this societal paradigm shift.

When it comes to creating an exceptional premium cigar, tobaccos not only require patience, they insist upon it. Yes, there are shortcuts to cut corners and reduce the time necessary for fermentation and aging process; however, those same ‘shortcuts’ often compromise, if not all out ruin, the quality of the leaf. Many in the cigar manufacturing space would like to think of themselves as being the ‘conductor’ of an orchestra in terms of product development. The reality is that the best of the best in that space realize that it is the tobaccos that are conducting and that everyone else in the process is simply a player in the orchestra. So it was in the development of Crowned Heads’ “La Vereda,” where the tobaccos selected and their corresponding optimal aging periods required determined the time necessary to deliver the cigar that was envisioned.

From the inside out, La Verda contains two different ligero leaves: a Corojo 99 seed grown in Esteli (Nicaragua), and a Piloto Cubano grown in the Dominican Republic. Both of these tobaccos
required a minimum aging period of three years before being deemed ready for the La Verda blend. The Esteli ligero was selected to give the blend the muscular foundation needed, while the Piloto Cubano added further structure while lending a unique cinnamon spice note to the blend. A seco from Esteli was also chosen, along with a Criollo 98 seed viso from Jalapa (Nicaragua) that lent a rounder sweet-cream component to the blend. Again, these tobaccos were also aged a minimum of three years. A Nicaraguan (Jalapa) binder was selected to compliment the Nicaraguan (Jalapa) cover leaf that completes the La Verda blend.

The shade-grown Nicaraguan wrapper leaf was particularly rare and also demanding in that it required a minimum of four years of aging time to bring the all-important cover leaf to its optimum smoking condition. Once all of the tobaccos selected for La Vereda reach their peak condition, only the best buncheros and rollers (a total of seven pairs were selected) were chosen to produce La Verda.

Where industry standards would dictate a production average of 250 cigars rolled per pair per day, the goal for each pair in charge of La Verda production was reduced to 150-175 cigars per day. This was done in order to further ensure that the La Vereda quality and the necessary quality control would be exceptional.

Once La Verda is rolled, it is then aged an additional 90 days at a controlled environment of 65-66 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity level of between 68-69%. The result is a cigar held to the highest standards that exhibits a flavor profile that can not be pinned down to one note.

The result is a complex yet impeccably balanced ride of sweet and cream, spice and earth, citrus and savory. The orchestra has been a servant to the conductor, and in the creation of La Vereda we have taken years so that you simply have to take hours in order to enjoy the benefits of patience and care.”

  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa. Shade-grown and aged a minimum of four years.
  • Binder: Nicaraguan Jalapa.
  • Filler: Nicaraguan Esteli ligero / Corojo 99. Aged a minimum of three years.
    Dominican Piloto Cubano ligero. Aged a minimum of three years.
    Nicaraguan Esteli seco. Aged a minimum of three years.
    Nicaraguan Jalapa viso/ Criollo 98. Aged a minimum of three years.

Sold as singles

Packaged in 20 count boxes

This cigar is available in four vitolas:

  • No.50 | 5 3/8 X 50
  • No.52 | 6 1/2 X 52
  • No.54 | 5 5/8 X 54
  • No. 56 | 6 1/4 X 56