Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2023


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Las Calaveras is one of the most anticipated annual releases in the premium cigar industry today. Initially launched in 2014, Las Calaveras pays a respectful homage to those who passed on the previous year. Crowned Heads intend Las Calaveras to be seen as a celebration of life and remembrance rather than a mournful symbol of death and loss.
The Las Calaveras EL 2023 marks the first time since 2016, and only the second time in the series since its debut in 2014, that the blend will feature a Grade A Dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The medium-to-full-bodied flavor profile is a classic Broadleaf expression, marrying notes of pepper, cocoa, sweet cream, and earth. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper combines all Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos.
A total of 1,500 (24-count) boxes of each of the three vitolas were produced at My Father Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. Each 24-count box of Las Calaveras is packaged with three rows of eight cigars. The three rows represent life’s beginning, middle, and end cycle. In biblical terms, the number ‘8’ signifies new beginnings, and in mathematical terms, an ‘8’ laid on its side symbolizes “infinity,” as in eternal life.
  • Wrapper: Grade A Dark Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan

Sold as singles

Packaged in 24 count boxes

This limited release cigar is available in three vitolas:

  • LC50 | 5 X 50
  • LC52 | 6 X 52
  • LC54 | 5 5/8 X 54