Saga Short Tales


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Many things compose a Saga: the Legendary stories, the generations long creations, lifetimes spent in search of a graal or simply perfection. They are the peoples favorites, the better known parts of the legacy. But for many aside of the legends and popular creations, a Saga is as well the small events one enjoys in these special moments that do not come that often. They are made enjoyable for their peculiar way of quietly marking the memory, for giving to the imagination the opportunity to create . They are not the mainstream Saga, which makes them even more of a rare jewel that one has to enjoy with floating memories and sensations. These are the Short Tales.

Cigar Options:

TOMO I – Tales of High Primmings
Full Body  – 4 X 58 – 102mm x 23mm
Wrapper: Nicaraguan-Binder: Indonesian-Filler: Dominican and  North American tobacco

TOMO II – Tales of The Land: Cotui
Medium plus Body – 5 X 54 – 127mm x 21 mm
Wrapper: Cotuí-Binder: Indonesian-Filler: Dominican and
North American tobacco

TOMO III – L.I.V. Labor Ipse Voluptas
Medium Body –  42 X 4 ¼ – 108mm X  17mm
Wrapper:  Habano Ecuador-Binder : San Vicente-
Filler: Piloto Cubano Mejorado Viso and Habano Brasil Viso

TOMO VI – The Sixth Element: El Tabaco
Medium plus Body 5.5 X 58  – 140mm X 23mm
Wrapper:   San Andres-Binder : San Vicente-Filler: Piloto Cubano Mejorado,Nicaragua  and Pennsylvania