Daneson Toothpicks


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Mint No.9
Includes a menagerie of mint varieties and pleasing ingredients like wintergreen, peppermint, sweet fennel, juniper, and several other natural oils. A creation that was well worth the effort – this recipe is one of our most popular, robust and long lasting blends.

Bourbon No.22
Steeped in six-year-old cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon. Expect notes of oak, leather, caramel, and almond and hints of fruit once this toothpick is warmed up.

Single Malt No.16
Fourteen-year-old Islay scotch whisky imbued with notes of oak tannins, peat, almond, and vanilla. Give this one a minute and a gentle chew to release the flavors seated deep in the wood.

Each bottle contains 12 toothpicks.