Warped Midsommar


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Beneath the twilight of the midnight sun, amidst the glimmer of bonfires and the flicker of will-o’-wisps, we toast to good fortune and the tide of time passing.

Warped’s Midsommar — the latest tobacco creation from the minds of Kyle Gellis and Jeremy Reeves.

A surprisingly bold and captivating blend of naturally sweet 2019 Canadian Brights, earthy 2014 White Burley, and subtly floral, matured Izmir and Basma leaf, Midsommar is a tribute to the traditions and experience of summer around the world. In particular, the blend embodies the season’s more rustic and hearty character: Cased with hints of molasses and rum, its rich flavor and heady aroma stand up well to summer’s heat, making Midsommar as suited to enjoyment while mowing the lawn as it is winding down on a balmy evening. Presented in crumble cake format, it also benefits from the deep, matured flavor and aging potential afforded by the pressing process yet remains easy to prepare and enjoy.

Midsommar is not a regular production blend but a special, limited release crafted in extremely small runs.