Cornell & Diehl / Warped Kings Stride


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Rich… Regal Louisiana Perique commands attention as deep, complex notes of dark fruit and chocolate envelop the palate.

Poised… With balance and grace, the flavors of fine Virginia leaf and alluring, matured Burley enhance the Perique’s lavish character.

Elegant… A sumptuous selection of cigar leaf, pressed and steamed into an exquisite Cavendish, bestows unsurpassed delicacy and mystique. – 

Kings Stride pipe tobacco is rich, poised, and elegant — a crumble cake blened from Louisiana Perique, five year-aged Burley, and a unique Cavendish comprised of pressed and steamed cigar leaf.

Components: Virginia, Perique, Burley, Black Cavendish
Family: Virginia
Cut: Cake


Strength: 3
Flavor: 3
Room Note: 3

Comes in 2 oz. vacuum sealed container.